Vol 1, No 1 (2009)

Table of Contents


Foreword and statement of purpose: an introduction to IFOSS L. Rev. HTML PDF
Iain G Mitchell QC 3 - 8


The Fiduciary Licence Agreement: Appointing legal guardians for Free Software Projects HTML PDF
Ywein Van den Brande 9 - 14
Collaborative Approach: Peer-to-Patent and the Open Source Movement HTML PDF
Christopher Wong, Jason Kreps 15 - 26
Bad Facts Make Good Law: The Jacobsen Case and Open Source HTML PDF
Lawrence Rosen 27 - 32
Introducing The Risk Grid HTML PDF
Shane Martin Coughlan, Andrew Katz 33 - 40

Case Law Reports

Jacobsen v Katzer and Kamind Associates – an English legal perspective HTML PDF
Mark Henley 41 - 44

Book reviews

'Open Source Technology and Policy' by Fadi P. Deek and James A.M. McHugh HTML PDF
Andrew Katz 45 - 48

Tech Watch

Tech Watch HTML PDF
Adriaan de Groot 49 - 52


Collaboration Among Counsel Celebrating the Formation of a Community of Lawyers for the Advancement of Understanding of Free and Open Source Licensing and Business Models HTML PDF
Karen Faulds Copenhaver, 53 - 62

ISSN: 1877-6922