Vol 1, No 2 (2009)

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Table of Contents


Towards Free/Libre Open Source Software (“FLOSS”) Governance in the Organisation HTML PDF
Richard Kemp 61 - 72
Balancing Free with IP: If Open Source Solutions Become De Facto Standards Could Competition Law Start To Bite? HTML PDF
Susannah Sheppard 73 - 82
Packaging Open Source HTML PDF
Mark H. Webbink 83 - 98
Passport Without A Visa: Open Source Software Licensing and Trademarks HTML PDF
Harvey Anderson, Tiki Dare 99 - 110

Case Law Reports

Back To The Future: Hinton v Donaldson, Wood and Meurose (Court of Session, Scotland, 28th July, 1773) HTML PDF
Iain G Mitchell QC 111 - 122
A look at EDU 4 v. AFPA, also known as the ”Paris GPL-case” HTML PDF
Martin von Willebrand 123 - 126

Book reviews

Law and the Internet HTML PDF
Andrew Katz 127 - 130

Tech Watch

Patents and their effect on Standards: Open video codecs for HTML5 HTML PDF
Silvia Pfeiffer 131 - 138
5 Reasons To Care About Mobile Cloud Computing HTML PDF
Fabrizio Capobianco 139 - 142


Open Source Policies and Processes For In-Bound Software HTML PDF
Karen Copenhaver 143 - 154

ISSN: 1877-6922